ROR at Friends Fest!

Friends; the TV show that most of us grew up with (are we showing our age!?). The sitcom that defined the 90s, created hair styles and has more catch phrases than than we dare to remember "WE WERE ON A BREAK!". Well, imagine our excitement when we heard that 'Friends Fest' was coming to Manchester. Think Glastonbury...­but every aspect is based on Friends. A week long festival that has everything from replica sets, a giant screen playing episodes on repeat to Friends inspired food trucks and bars - THE DREAM.

Friends Fest is currently touring the country, and will be down in London next. Tickets are incredibly limited, so in case you can't get your hands on any, we wanted to take you with us when we were lucky enough to go a few weeks ago.

The Manchester festival was in the beautiful Heaton Park, just outside the city centre. All the way from the car park, you could hear the infamous theme tune belting out across the 600 acres of countryside - we could not contain our excitement! The first thing you come to is Central Perk - YAS. An actual coffee shop, where you can get real coffee, in the wonderful surroundings of the Central Perk set. With 'smelly cat' playing on the radio, and drinks served in a logo cup, we felt well and truly part of the Friends family.

Next up was watching re runs of the best eps on a 15ft screen. Not going to lie, we could have stayed sat in those deckchairs with our beers all night - but alas we had more fun things to do! On to the main attraction; a tour of the sets! Our fave bit by far; we were taken in groups of 30, around a replica of Chandler and Joey's apartment, the hallway and the girls' apartment. Before we got to see the sets, we went through a museum style section, which contained the REAL costumes and props from the show. This included the letter Rachel wrote to Ross when they were 'on a break', Ross' leather pants, and the Holiday Armadillo costume!

We were then led into the (to scale) replica apartment sets. Ahhhhh - it felt amazing to be in the apartments that we've watched the past 20 years. Everything was there; the Lazy boys, the etcha sketch on the back of the door, and of course the famous yellow frame around the peep hole.

We finished off the evening sat on the sofa in Central Perk and having a go on Phoebe's guitar!

We had such a fantastic time at Friends Fest, so we thought we would share the love! We're giving you the chance to win one of our Friends inspired slogan tees!

To enter;

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Good Luck! You can choose from Pivot or Unagi, in the colour of your choice : )

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