ROR Film Club: What to Watch This October

It's finally getting to that time of the year where it's fully acceptable to snuggle up on the sofa in your cosiest jumper, under your fluffiest blanket and watch films all evening. I don't know about you, but I'm buzzing about it! So much so, that I've had a little look at what to expect to see popping up on Netflix this October. It's time to get in the Halloween mood with some spooky films...

What to watch this October on Netflix

Squid Game

Firstly, something that you can start watching right now is Squid Game. It's available already and it's actually a series but I'm still including it in here because it is SO good. It's pretty (ready very) gruesome at times and is unbelievably tense (think sweaty palms) but I couldn't stop watching. It's got strong Hunger Games/Money Heist vibes so, if either of them are your thing, you'll love it too. Our only issue with it is that we can't help but see our Personalised Year t-shirt while watching!

Addams Family Values

On a more light hearted note, this absolute classic is coming to Netflix at the Strat of October. It's honestly not Autumn until I've watched an Addams Family film - and the second one is my fave. The things I would do to own Debbie's wardrobe! Plus, if you're in America it's a pretty good Thanksgiving Movie as well...


Films 1-5 will be available to watch this Halloween so you can get your full dose of classic scary films in time for the 31st. I'll be honest, I've never actually seen a full film all the way though when it comes to this franchise... now that they're easily available maybe this year will be the year to change that.

Shaun of the Dead

I mean, who doesn't love the cornetto trilogy?! This is the perfect Halloween film for those of us that don't particularly like actual scary films. It's funny, it's Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and is just a default film to have on when you can't think of anything else around this time of year.

Shutter Island

This is definitely not an exclusively Halloweeny film, or one that's particularly scary, but it does have that creepy factor. Plus it's just one of those classic, great films that you should watch if you haven't yet. It'll keep you guessing until the end and has some really amazing scenes.

The Lighthouse

This is 100% on my watch list for this Autumn! It's shot in black and white so it's instantly creepier than anything else. Nearly all of the film is just Willem Daphoe and Robert Pattinson - two great actors.

You - season 3!

Okay, again this is a series so doesn't quite fit the "film club" title, but come on! You season 3 comes out on the 15th and I will watch the entire series that day. If you haven't watched it yet, it's a Netflix original so both previous seasons are available now and get yourself ready for some super creepy behaviour. Think, psychopaths, stalking and murders and you'll be prepared.

Which will you watch first?!

Bethan ROR xx

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