ROR Introducing - Teddy Bear Medic

Meet Teddy, our new go-to for grounded mental-health tips and a peek into the world of med-student life. Did we mention she is also the regional finalist for spectacle wearer of the year!! Here she is rocking her specs and her ROR Birth-flower tee, swipe to see the 5 burning questions we asked Teddy!

teddy bear medic rock on ruby interview

If you were a flavour of ice cream, what would it be?

Salted caramel any day! I’m actually lactose intolerant, but I’d risk it for some good ice cream (or be an actual adult and just buy dairy free)

When did you know you wanted to embark on a career in medicine?

I always wanted to do a job that helped other people, but I really decided when I was 15/16! Now in medical school that desire has only deepened, and my passion for mental health and widening access to medicine has grown so much too.

What has been the biggest life lesson you have learnt so far in your student & placement years?

The biggest life lesson I’ve learned so far, is consistency over intensity. Doing a little bit everyday is so much better than going all out and burning out.

teddy bear medic wearing rock on ruby personalised birth flower t shirt

Speaking of medicine, do you have any home remedies or rituals that you use to unwind after a long day / shift?

After a Long day at placement, I try to get some movement in for the endorphins - even gentle stretches do wonders! Also don’t underestimate the power of a good skin care routine. Not only is it great for your skin, but it calms me down so much as an act of self care!

We love the format of your instagram and the considered but easily ­digestible tips you have for managing mental health. What is your foremost tip for managing stress?

My main tips for managing stress is to first realise you’re stressed, take a break, and do something you love! For me it’s usually a bit of Netflix while I crochet.

And lastly, can you give us a  mood-boosting song for the Rock on Ruby playlist!

“Feel Special” by Twice always puts me in a good mood!

spotify feel special by twice code

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We want to make this a new series here at Rock On Ruby! We'd love to get to know you and learn about all our customers interesting and different jobs!

Who would like to feature on ROR Introducing?

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