ROR Upcycle: DIY Dog Bandana

We're carrying on the upcycle series! We've got another way that you can re use and upcycle your old Rock On Ruby t-shirt. It's definitely the cutest upcycle we've done so far because it includes our furry friends. We're going to make a super simple dog bandana! I admit, it is one step up from the lavender heat pack in which I literally just sewed a square and filled it, but this is still really easy I swear!

upcycle your old t shirt and make a dog bandana

So, you will need:

Fabric (I'm using the same misprinted t-shirt from the lavender hottie tutorial)



Sewing machine (you could do it by hand but it will be time consuming)

Iron (can deffo be done without, but it does help)

what you need to make a diy dog bandana from an old rock on ruby t shirt

You're going to cut out a square of fabric - mine is for a smaller dog so the measurements I used were roughly 18cm by 18cm. I used a piece of paper to make sure I had the right size and that I cut a perfect square.

how to make your own diy dog bandana from an old top making an easy dog bandana from an old t shirt

After this, fold two opposite corners in so that they create a straight edge in place of the corners. This will create the pocket that your dogs collar is going to go through so make sure it is over twice the width of the collar - mine were about 6.5 cm but to be honest, I should have gone a little bigger. Sew these corners down in a matching colour thread. It's easier if you iron them down first!

easy dog bandana diy from rock on ruby t shirts super cute easy dog bandana from an old t-shirt from rock on ruby

Fold the square right sides together - so that the bits you just sewed can be still be seen - and iron it down flat. Then, starting at the bottom of one of the folded corners, sew along the edge to the other side. Make sure not to sew up the folded bits! At the point, cut some of the excess fabric off to make the point look better once it's turned the right way round. Mine looks super messy but it doesn't matter because it will all be hidden.

easy steps how to make a dog bandana simple diy dog bandana from rock on ruby

After this, turn it inside out - so it's the right side out really - and you should have an almost finished bandana! This can take a lot of fiddling and time but it'll get there in the end! Use something pointy to get the bottom of the bandanna out fully. After that, just give it another iron to make sure it lays flat, then sew in a straight line across the top from the bottom of the folded sections to create a tube.

pride rainbow dog bandana diy from old Rock On Ruby t-shirt

And you're done! Put it onto your model's collar and let them show it off.

t-shirt upcycle into a dog bandana DIY dog bandana upcycle from old pride t-shirt

Are you going to upcycle your old t-shirt?!

Bethan ROR


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