ROR Upcycle: Easy DIY Headband

Our easiest upcycle to date!

We're upcycling an old t-shirt again! If you're like me, you spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest and have noticed headbands have started popping up all over the place again. I thought they would be the perfect example to use as a super easy upcycle project! Our t-shirts are the perfect fabric for this type of thing as well because they have a slight stretch to them but not too much.

super easy tutorial on how to upcycle your old tshirt into a headband

So, as always, first things first, you will need:

Tape measure

Your old ROR t-shirt (or any old fabric really)


Sewing machine - but really you could leave the edges raw for a slightly rough-around-the-edges style!

super easy diy headband sewing tutorial

So, measure your head in the place that you would wear the headband. Add one or two centimetres to the length for your seam allowance. This doesn't have to be perfect because this is where the stretchiness will help! So, my measurement was 57cm. I then measured this onto the old t-shirt I had - I'm still upcycling that misprinted pride t-shirt! Now that I have the length, I want my headband to be about 5cm when I wear it so I'll be cutting out a width of 12cm as it's going to be folded in half. In hindsight this was actually a bit wide - I should have gone for 10cm!

If you're doing the no sew method and leaving the edges raw just cut out the width that you want your band to be! Also add about 15-20 cm to the length so that you've got enough to tie it at the back.

super easy sewing tutorial for a diy headband from an old tshirt old tshirt upcycle tutorial into a headband

Now that you've got your fabric strip, fold it over so that the good sides are facing each other. Then, just sew along the long open edge in a zigzag stitch to keep the stretch.


After this, turn your tube of fabric right side out. Then tuck one of the edges that hasn't been sewn in on itself and push the other non sewn edge inside it. This is the same as the scrunchie tutorial here! Then just sew along this edge. If you want it a bit neater just hand sew it together, but it doesn't really matter because this bit will be covered by your hair!

sew a diy headband

And then you're done! I told you this was our easiest DIY yet. But it's a great way to use up any scrap fabric or old clothing!

I loved this so much I made another and tie dyed it using the same method as our tie dye sweatshirt tutorial here. This is why I decided to include this upcycle - it's so easy to personalise! Super easy and super cute! If you want to see our other upcycle projects in this series, we've got a scrunchie tutorial, a lavender hottie, a dog bandana and now a headband. And I've still got fabric left from this misprint t-shirt!

Which one will you make?

Betha ROR xx

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