ROR Upcycle: How To Make Scrunchies

We've decided to start a new series on the blog - showing you all the ways you could reuse your old t-shirt or sweatshirt! Our tops are made to be loved and cherished by you for as long as possible! So, once they're past the point of wearing, we want you to still be able to use them for something - no matter what that might be in the end. You get to keep an item that is personal to you as well as reduce your contribution to landfill - it's a win win!

We're starting off super easy with scrunchies! Back when I bleach dyed my Tea Please Jumper (see that post here) I decided to crop it as well. I kept the bit of fabric that I cut off because I knew it would come in useful one day - and here we are! So, you will need, fabric, elastic, a ruler, a safety pin, pins, scissors and a sewing machine or needle and thread if you're doing it by hand - which will work fine too!


Using that extra fabric, I cut out an 11cm by 45cm strip.


Fold it length ways, with right sides together, and pin it. So, the side of the fabric that you want seen when wearing your scrunchie should be hidden atm! After pinning, just do a straight stitch along the edge, down the entire length. Don't forget to back stitch at the start and end so it doesn't come undone!

Now to that it's sewn together, attach the safety pin to one end of the fabric and push it through the middle of the tube. Eventually, the fabric will be turned the right way.


Now you've got your scrunchie the right way round, pull the elastic through the tube. To figure out the length I just put the elastic around my wrist and added a couple more centimetres for it to overlap. It makes it easier if you pin one end of the elastic to the fabric so that you can pull it through without losing an end. Once you got both ends of the elastic through the tube, just sew it together! I used a zig zag stitch as this is better for stretchy materials.

Once the elastic is sewn together, put one end of the tube of fabric inside the other. Then fold the outer fabric in on itself so that no edges are showing. Then - because it's quicker - I just sewed a straight line along this edge. Once it's finished, you can fold and zhuzh the fabric around the stitch so it's not really noticeable. Or if you want it neater, hand stitch the closing together.


And there you go!


It's such a great upcycle because you can use any scrap fabric you have! I've made a few already from pieces that I was otherwise going to have to throw away.

What will you upcycle to make your scrunchie from?!

Bethan ROR


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