ROR Upcycle: Lavender Heat Packs

We've started a new blog series! I'm here to help you reuse and upcycle your old ROR t-shirts and sweatshirts once they've passed the point of wearing! Last time I explained how to make scrunchies - and if you missed it you can check it out here! This week - as it is now September - I'm keeping it simple with a lavender heat pack. I'm just assuming everyone else is in the same Autumnal mood as me now and is ready to cosy up in a blanket with a hottie! So, here's how to make your own lavender heat pack hottie!

So, you will need:

old fabric - I'm using a the bottom of one of our organic pride t-shirts. It was mis-printed and so it can't be sold, but it's 100% cotton so it's perfect for this  project! It's a bit risky putting synthetic fabrics in the microwave.


Sewing Machine


lavender - optional really! It just smells so good

You could also use a second fabric to make an outer cover - an old fleece or jumper would work perfect!

So it's super easy. Just cut out the size and shape that you want your hottie to be from the fabric you're upcycling - plus a few centimetres each side for seam allowance. I've decided to go for a square, but a longer thinner shape would be great for your around your neck, or small, square ones for each of your pockets! I'm also using the existing seam of the t-shirt for the bottom so that I have one less seam to sew together. Work smarter not harder!

Once you've got the shape you want, put the right sides of the fabric (the side you want on the outside) together and sew up each side apart from a gap on the one side. I left about 7cm.

Turn it inside out and now all the seams should be hidden and you have an empty bean bag kind of thing. Pour in your rice until it's the size you want. Then add in some of the lavender. I'm using this because I really like the smell of it but it's not really necessary. Or if you have some you could use essential oils instead.


Once you've done that, just sew the hole up. I just went over it in a matching thread with the sewing machine. If you want a neater look you can sew by hand so that the stitch is less noticeable. And viola! You're done! Ready to be popped in the microwave and lead you to a relaxing night.


If you wanted to make it look a bit nicer you could add some embroidery to it (check this post for some tips!) or, as mentioned before, a fleecy outer cover.

What will you upcycle?!


ROR xx

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