ROR's Guide To: The Royal Wedding

When we finally got over the depressing news that we were no longer in the running to be the next Princess of England, we eventually became rather excited at the prospect of another Royal wedding! Oh yes, despite all the family drama that's going down this week (more on that later!), we're hoping the wonderful couple are trying to ignore the negatives, and are instead getting in the mood for what will be the biggest day of their lives! We wanted to get you prepared for what is shaping up to be a massive Royal knees up, so we decided to put together a little guide, so you can get the low down on all the who's, whens and wheres and enjoy the day this weekend!

The Bride And Groom -

Harry: Without doubt, the coolest member of the Royal family; Harry, has finally found someone to settle down with. But we can't forget his partying days, when he ended up naked at a pool party in Las Vegas, dressed as a Nazi for another party (what WAS he thinking!?) and generally being an absolute playboy - LOVE HIM. We've definitely got a soft spot for the cheeky Prince, who was also a helicopter pilot and serving arm officer (love a man in uniform!) and we're so happy (if not a tiny bit jel) that he's now found his Princess

Meghan: We've watched her in suits for the past 5 years, and love her girl power attitude, so when we found out she had had a real life fairy tale ending, we couldn't have been happier (if not a wee bit jealous)! She's a fierce political activist and often speaks for women's rights - she's also used to the limelight which has to be a bonus. She has been getting a lot of stick from the press for having been married twice before, but this is 2018 guys, she's a strong, independent woman who has had a life before and we LOVE her #girlpower

When and Where - Saturday 19th May: St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Yes, it really is a fairy tale, they're getting married in a castle! This beautiful chapel is in the grounds of the beautiful (and Queen's fave) Windsor castle - just an hours drive from the capital. It truly is a stunning place, and more intimate then Westminster Abbey, where the Queen and Will and Kate got hitched.

The guests -

Friends: They've famously left heads of state off the guest list as they didn't want Trump there (who blames them!). So, so far we know that most of her Suits co-stars are going (we've been stalking instagram!). They've apparently had help from the Suits costume department, when it comes to their outfits! Ed Sheeran, David Beckham and even Elton John are also rumoured to be attending. We know that Sereena Williams, who is a close friend of the bride, is attending along with her new husband.

Family: Breaking news just this morning, is that Meghan's dad will no longer be attending. There's now questions about who will walk her down the aisle, with some suggestions that her mum or even Price Charles will have the honour. It's reported that just it's now just Meghan's mum who will be attending from her family - her half-siblings have been in the news (and in the British press) expressing how upset they are to to have been invited (whilst selling their story...). We think her amazing friends will make up for this!

A few of Harry's cousins have also been left off the guest list; including Lady Emilia Windsor who is now an IG star. We're really getting the impression that only people they are close to and love will be part of their special - just how it should be!

[caption id="attachment_­3873" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Credit: Photo by Stephen Sweet/­REX/­Shutterstock (261364i)[/­caption]

The Dress - Well, this took a bit of research. There have been 100s of rumours as to who will have the prestigious job, but from what we hear (we have great sources) it's Ralph and Russo, a real life Australian couple (now based in London). 30m of ivory silk were reportedly sent from Buckingham Palace to their show room last month, I mean what else could that possible be for? Whoever designs this dress, we can guarantee that Meghan will look sensational!

A Reunion? - Possibly the MOST exciting news from the entire wedding rumour mill, is the possibility that the SPICE GIRLS could be reforming to perform at Harry and Meghan's reception as she's a massive fan. I mean OMG. I guess if  I was a Princess, that would be the thing I'd make happen!

So now you know where is it, who's going and even the entertainment - you now all you have to do is get the bunting up, sit back and enjoy the big day!

The wedding will be shown on BBC1 and ITV1 from 9am on Saturday!

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