Royal Wedding Dress Rehearsal

All the Kings Horses and all the Kings men... couldn´t put Humpty together again!?

So with the Royal wedding looming, the Royal Guards got together for a dress rehearsal! Today was the last chance for hundreds of soldiers and sailors to practise for Friday´s Royal Wedding...

Take a sneak peek at what the big day will look like: .

The complete dress rehearsal started before dawn and continued well into daybreak today. The full-scale walk-through was apparently timed right down to the last second - the Palace are well aware that the world will be expecting them to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day. .

People have already started camping out on the streets of London to secure front row seats for the main event - now THAT´S commitment!

Nothing has been left to chance with this practice run! We´re on the count down to the big day.... Very Excited here at Girly Night Out - hope you all enjoy the big day!

See more pictures at the Daily Mail online! ,

Love The Girls xx

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