Sassy Slogan Accessories

Accessories; the easiest and quickest way to sass up your day! We love a good accessory here at ROR, and I must say, we're rather good at designing them (not that we're modest!). From phone cases to slogan tote bags, we have everything you need to look that little bit extra and brighten up your daily life (I mean who doesn't want a resting bitch face phone case to make them giggle!?). With that in mind, we thought we'd create a blog dedicated to our favourite designs. We have literally 100s of items to choose from, but we all have our faves, and thought we could point you in the right direction! All of our accessories make the perfect personalised gifts; for birthdays, weddings or when you want to give something really special, you can personalise them all too!

Phone cases - give your iPhone a bit of a makeover with our illustrated phone cases! The perfect way to let people know a little bit about you. Will you be fierce, declare yourself part of the resting bitch face club or let everyone know you speak fluent unicorn? It's up to you!

Full Time Fierce -   Resting Bitch Face - I Speak Unicorn 

Mirrors - Who's the fairest of them all?! YOU of course! Now you can check out your selfie game in our cute pocket mirrors! Full of sassy slogans, this is the perfect way to add sass to your make up bag!

Better On The Internet - Sassy - 99 Selfies 

Make Up Bags - Want a little life advice with your daily make up routine? Look no further! We have created THE sassiest range of bags, perfect for the bits you can't live without!

These Brows - I Contoured - Personalised Party

Tote Bags - We are staying stylish whilst saving the planet hun! Choose from alcoholic beverage slogans  (I wonder who came up with those!) or get a Dom & Ink illustration to make a sassy statement!

Pina Coladas - Fash Hun - Sassy 

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