Self Love; Why You Need To Be Kinder To Yourself!

Self love. Not an easy subject for most people (especially us British FGS!), but it’s something that really should be our number one priority, and not just for a token new year’s resolution. A few weeks ago we looked at all the issues surrounding us millennials (had to admit defeat and own the phrase hun) and whether we should all be having a ‘digital detox’. Now we’re alllll about feeling crappy after seeing all the influencers off on their 5th vacay of the year, with their Dior saddle bags, but surely we can’t blame all our negative thoughts on social media? Shouldn’t we all love ourselves and our lives a little bit more and stop comparing? Have we forgotten how to be nice to ourselves?

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We believe self love is the foundation of everything. Your family, friends, job, pets; you name it, and it’s got something to do with how you view your fabulous self (trust me, by the end of this you’ll remember how fabulous you are). As the old saying goes; “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Well we think it’s about time you stop looking over the fence and start watering your own grass - can we get a hell yeah! You are amazing. Yes, we’re talking to YOU. No matter your age, sex, religion, relationship status, sexual orientation or whether or not you heard Yanny or Laurel (yes we still debate this…we’re sad). 

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As team ROR get older we have learnt many valuable lessons (like never drink and swipe!), the main one being, someone will always look as though they have a “better life” than you, but you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. The most confident person, could be struggling with crippling anxiety. The most ‘beautiful’ person, could hate themselves and struggle to believe they’re beautiful. Everyone has struggles, everyone had bad days. Yes okay, it can be hard to believe that when we all share our ‘best lives’ on social media, but if you have the inner belief that you are fierce, then it shouldn’t bother you quite as much.

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So, how do we learn to love ourselves again? First up; recognise how amazing you are. Whether you are living your dream, or working towards it, you are here, you are alive and breathing and there is hope! Think about all the people you love and who love YOU; whether that be family, friends, a partner - surround yourself with people who think you’re amazing, and you may just start to believe it yourself - YAS! If you’ve had a bad year, or been ill with physical or mental health, this can be tricky, but spending that time with people who love you for YOU, not your job or car or house, will remind you that it doesn’t matter about the little things; love is all you need (yes we just said that…).

Next up, remember how far you have come and what could be!. You may be in a job you dislike, on a course you no longer enjoy or be in a relationship that doesn’t make you feel good, but this all can change. Think about how you were a year ago, and all the things you’ve learnt and overcome. Do you want to be even more FAB U LOUSSS (said in the voice of John Barrowman obvs)? Well make small changes, set more goals and start on a path that you know will make you happier. 

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The one amazing thing about social media, is that it can help us connect with like-minded people. So start that blog, follow that inspirational person or just get chatting with someone who also loves Westlife’s comeback (just us, no seriously google it, it’s good!)?. It’s amazing how sharing things with other people; discussing and dreaming, laughing and sharing stories can really put you in a good mood. You never know where it may lead! In this day and age, making online connections can help with jobs and work experience making those moves into a happier you!

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Finally. Take some YOU time. Have a bath, go for a walk, read that book you’ve been putting off. Do some simple things that you love, that will make you happy. It seems trivial, but these little moments add up, and eventually you will start treating yourself with a bit more respect; there is only ONE you, never forget that you are unique, special and worthy of self love *mike drop*.

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