Sexy Cat Costume Ideas

Spotted: This October our Blog is going to be crammed full of Halloween Costume Ideas and Make Up Tips... This week we´re going wild for sexy cat costumes:

Ever since Joey Essex organised that Zoo Project themed party on TOWIE, everyone?s been going mad for Leopard prints and face paints - SO Reem! Plus with Ann Hathaway bounding onto our screens this Summer as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, we?ve been waiting for an opportunity to slap on some red lippy and crack our Cat Whips!
Sexy Cat Costumes - Halloween Costumes - Girly Night Out
Tip 1: Pair our Leopard print leotard with some high-waisted denim shorts this Halloween and get ready to ROAR! It´s fashionable fancy dress at it´s finest....

Tip 2: If you don´t have to go all out with your fancy dress, simply slip on a pair of our Black Cat Ears with your favourite LBD. Backcomb, hairspray and go!

Tip 3: Leopard Print Face paint and body paint will instantly add that ´Ibiza´ flair to your outfit. Mix black, gold and brown eye shadows to get the look.

Happy Shopping Girls,

Love The Scout XOXO

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