Skeleton Socks

Skeleton Socks by Meadham Kirchhoff!

These sexy Skeleton Socks are the latest thing to hit highstreet shelves.... In fact they´ve hit the shelves so fast that they appear to be sold out already!? ´

Skeleton Socks - Halloween Costume .

And at a pricey ?25 a pair, fear not... because we are way ahead of this Meadham designer! :-) Last Halloween our Skeleton Tights were a huge success.. This year, they´re going to be even better! ´ For a start they´re Only 4.99!

At a bargain price of just 4.99 for the Skeleton Tights, you can recreate Topshop´s fashionable style for a fraction of the price!

*PLUS Brand New and Coming in stock at the end of July...We will have these amazing Skeleton Stockings (Just like Meadham Kirchhoffs!!)

So! If you´re super organised and already thinking about this years Halloween Costume ... (We are!!) Then why not go as a sexy skeleton?! It will make a spookily Sexy Halloween Costume!

We can´t wait!!

Love The Girls xx

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