Slogan T shirt Style: We've been drinking...

It's no secret that the ROR team like a tipple;

so it's no surprise that our favourite alcoholic beverages inspire us when we design our latest collections! Everything from the classic Pina Colada, right down to the staple that is Gin - you name it, we've got it on a jumper! With the weekend just around the corner (26 hours and 16mins, not that we're counting...) we thought we'd introduce you to a few of our drinking companions!

Alcohol, or as we like to call it 'personality juice' (genius, we know) can be the foundation for many a great can also be the downfall! Either way, we like to make a statement when it comes to declaring our love for this magic fun-making potion, so have desgined some sassy sweaters and tees that sum up how we feel.

Personality Juice - Who Gave Me Gin? - Wine O-Clock

Wanna be in our Pina Colada club? (who wouldn't!?) - well just take a look at our exclusive members tee! Or perhaps Gin is your thang? Look no further! Our 'Gym First' vest perfectly sums up how we feel about working out, we need our reward at the end of all that exercise (ok, 10mins on the running machine) and our vest makes the perfect work out gear! Or simply declare your undying love for the fruity, sweet and fun drinks with our cocktail lovin sweater - perfect!

Gym First - Pina Colada Club - Cocktail Lovin

Wear our list of cocktails sweater to the bar for easy ordering; no need to shout across the crowd, just point on the jumper to which one you fancy so the barman can get it to you ASAP - the perfect invention! With all of our designs available in a range of colours and styles, we definitely have you covered when it comes to delicious drinking in style this summer!

 Cocktail Lovin - Personality Juice - Cocktail List

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