Snow Day Style!

Now we know the British weather can be temperamental to say the least - but this so called #Beast­From­TheEast is well and truly, mugging us off! We're snowed in, freezing and it's now so windy, that people are honestly falling over in the street - NO FUN SNOW! However, for those of you who have to brave the cold weather, we have put together an emergency snow day outfit, so you can stay chic in storm Emma!

First up is obviously a seriously sleek and sassy slogan designed by our number one man, Mr Dom & Ink. Although coined during last year's Love Island (BRING BACK SUMMER!) 'Stop Being Muggy' caught on, and we couldn't think of a more appropriate slogan for telling the weather where to go! Perfect in pink, this will not only keep you warm and cosy, but it's also the colour of the season (pink was all over the LFW catwalks don't you know!).

Next up - some chunky winter boots! Not only very stylish, on trend and majorly comfortable, but also probably the only footwear you can manage right now (other than wellies!). Team with some skinny jeans (and thermal leggings) to make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Next up - the teddy bear coat! Now the most popular coat on Instagram as a very useful purpose  - keeping us warm! Oh yes, it feels like a giant duvet/hot water bottle/teddy bear, looks super sassy and is generally the perfect thing to up your fashion game!

To finish off this winter wonderland #OOTD - add some statement earrings! We've gone with our good old faves; gold tassels! They'll shine in the snow and turn the sass level up to EXTRA!

Shop our 'Stop Being Muggy' sweater here!

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