Snow White & the very sexy Huntsman...

Get ready for a Fairytale Frenzy over the next 12 months... because there is not just one Snow White themed movie being launched, but two!!

The darker of the two films stars Kirsten Stewart and Charlize Theron. The gorgeous girls headed to the Comic Con Convention this week to promote their movie and give their thoughts on the film...

Kirsten said that the idea of doing a traditional Snow White movie was not something ´she was jumping at.´ Instead, what attracted her was that this Snow White is more edgy: ´I get to have a sword and stuff,´ Kirsten said. She does indeed! The recently released publicity photo shows Kirsten wearing armour and holding a huge sword and shield.

Charlize who is set to play the evil queen, said that she had not met Kristen before but she had a feeling the younger star was going to ´give her a run for her money´ (Gosh!) Lucky that Charlize has the very sexy Chris Hemsworth on her side as the Huntsman!

Cameras are due to begin rolling on the fantasy fairytale film next week in London... The movie is due out next June and is one of two Snow White movies set to hit cinemas in 2012.

The other Snow White film will star Lily Collins and Julia Roberts as the evil queen. This version of the Snow White Fairytale does not yet have a title, but the team behind the movie have recently moved up its release date (Feeling threatened by the Huntsman perhaps?!

We can´t wait to see both of them! If you´re feeling inspired by these 2 movies and fancy a Snow White themed Fancy Dress then take a look at our sexy Snow White Costumes!

You will be the fairest of them all!

Love, the Girls xx

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