Staying Sassy Whilst Saving The Planet

2018 is definitely the year of reminding ourselves just how special our planet is. With the release of Blue Planet 2 last year; it seemed to put a magnifying glass on all the things that humans have been doing to harm our one and only planet Earth. Okay, so some of them were more obvious than others; such as dumping plastic in the sea, using plastic bags and not recycling. But others, such as ditching daily (what we think are) essentials, is that bit harder.

We've already made a start here at ROR, by ditching our plastic packaging and switching to some (very fancy) pink paper bags! We also ensure that all of our clothing and accessories are printed on organic cotton and are ethically sourced - small steps lead to big changes!

We thought we'd give you a helping hand in staying sassy whilst saving the planet!

Check out our 5 tips for keeping our home happy!

Carry a reusable shopping bag - Not only a money saver (as most UK shops now charge for plastic bags), but it's also super handy and gets rid of the demand for the thin, tiny plastic bags that normally break on the way home! Check out our 'Shopping and Saving the Planet Hun' tote bag, not only super sassy, but it's doing what it says on the tin!

Take a reusable coffee mug - This is a big one for all you coffee lovers! We know it's easier said than done, especially remembering it in the morning, but using a reusable drink container will dramatically reduce the use of plastic cups and coffee mugs, and if people stop needing them, they'll stop making them - yay! We have a sassy range of travel mugs, which can sass up your coffee run!

Use paper straws - Plastic straws take a whopping 500 YEARS to decompose! With millions of plastic straws being used in the UK every year, just imagine the damage that could do to planet Earth! Luckily, several bar and restaurant chains have banned plastic straws and have introduced paper straws, which are reusable too (for your drinks only, we don't suggest sharing a strangers...).

Ditch Plastic Bags - So even if you can't remember to take a reusable bag with you, many stores, including Primark and Debenhams have introduced the option of paper bags. So if you ever get the choice...ditch the plastic!

RECYCLE - So probably the easiest thing for everyone to do as all UK councils now provide several recycling bins. We know it's a total pain (we have 5 separate bins!) but the one second that it takes to get the right bin, means a life time of  good work for our planet!

You can shop our sassy slogan 'saving the planet' range HERE!

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