Style: Our London Looks

We're pretty proud of what we do here at ROR, so when we head to events we like to showcase our products and basically be our own best adverts! On more than one occasion, we have been stopped in the street and asked where we got our super cool tees from (best moments EVER!). So when we went down to London for our Silk Fred shoot; we suited up and went all out for our ROR outfit's of the day! With so much choice, there really is something for every style. Holly went with super chic, on trend and totally awesome; 'All Black Errythang' tee whilst Sally went for a sass filled "Amount Of F*cks Given Today" which definitely put a smile on some faces.

We wanted to showcase that you can have fun with fashion, and what is life without FUN! You can look super stylish and Instagram-worthy and still show off your awesome personality. That's what we're all about here at ROR; fun, fashion and being yourself! So take a look at how we got our street style on, and strutted our stuff in London town!

Amount Of F*cks Given - All Black Errythang

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