Nicki Minaj can do it all. Fact.

She sings, she raps, she dances, looks God damn good in Lycra and to be honest, she’s a bit of a bad ass! Not afraid to speak her mind, Miss Nicki definitely earns first class diva status and a thumbs up from us at ROR.

            The self-proclaimed woman who cannot be defined is a member of rap royalty, quickly becoming a dictator of fashion. As the Queen of interpretive style we applaud her for always remaining true to her flamboyant roots. Her recent cover shoot for Rolling Stone magazine showed a more natural looking Nicki, which got us thinking that this lady can really rock any style. Of course the classic loud colours, busy prints and lots of bling bling still attracts us to her, however we’ve fallen in love with the more demure looks she’s been going for.

            Stealing the fashion show at last years MTV Movie Awards when promoting girl power film, ‘The Other Woman’, Nicki wow’ed the crowds with a fairly simple LBD, that well and truly celebrated her physical assets. We love that Nicki is able to maintain her individuality with such an uncomplicated outfit, simply through adding accessories; this is definitely a great way of adding your own, unique twist on an ensemble. Past are the days of slapping on the stage makeup as Nicki is showing how to work a more natural looking, simple base and delicate eyeline flicks.   All that being said, the usually pristine superstar has had her fair share of fashion faux pas’. Flamboyancy and extravagance is one thing, but Nicki took it off the scale when she rocked up to the 2011 MTV Music Awards in a composition that can only have been created in the dark. And let’s not forget the infamous pom-pom top, orange skirt combo. Perhaps this was Nicki’s way of breaking into the business, using her style as a physical representation of her ‘out there’ nature. Either way, it worked. She is now one of the go to people if you’re looking for inspiration in expression yourself through clothes.

With her 2015, ‘The Pinkprint’ tour soon coming to Europe, we are ridiculously excited to see what goes down, with expectations of big ‘Bang Bang’s’, ‘Super Bass(y)’ music and plenty of ‘Va-Va-Voom’. It’s difficult to imagine a Nicki Minaj tour where any of her outfit changes will be at all neutral or modest. In our opinion Miss Minaj can do no wrong. We love her creativity, outlandish sense of what constitutes an outfit and the fact that she can rock a Lycra cat-suit like no other. What do you think of Nicki's style statements?! Tweet us at @rockonrubyxx


Sarah #ROR

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