Styling Our Mary Poppins Inspired Slogan Sweaters!

Tomorrow our dreams are coming true...Mary Poppins Returns (the sequel to the original MP)  is out in cinemas - HURRAH! If you're anything like us, you'll have been slightly obsessed with the original film for many many years (not giving our ages away of course). From Dick Van Dyke's terrible cockney accent, to hurting our fingers from trying to click our way through the tidying up (we still try it now), the film is such a big part of so many people's childhoods. The original film, starring the incredible Julie Andrews is over 50 years old, yet it's still a firm favourite in a lot of households, especially at Christmas. We have to admit, we were a little sceptical when we first heard they were going to remake the classic; but having seen the trailer and as we now know it's actually a sequel, set 25 years later, we actually couldn't be more excited. Emily Blunt is practically perfect in every way, and we are literally counting down the hours until the release tomorrow! To celebrate this special day, we thought we'd commemorate it the only way we know creating a sassy slogan sweater or two of course! Take a look at our two creations; we've styled them for a Christmas night out and a more chilled occasion, we hope you love them!

Super­ca­lif­ra­gili­tic­ex­piali Christmas Jumper

Night Out Look - Our super­ca­lif­ra­gil­istic Christmas jumper (easy for you to say!) combines our two favourites; Christmas and Disney Musicals! Yes, one of our fave MP songs, the one we made sure we absolutely perfected, is now available in a sassy slogan Christmas sweater!!! We made sure we went all out, with our signature font and a shiny gold CHRISTMAS (obvs) you can celebrate your two favourite things in one cosy jumper. For a night out look, we've gone for an equally sassy mini skirt, some skyscraper golden heels and a star embellished bag! (Outfit Details From Zara)

Day Time Look - For a more relaxed day time look (we're thinking a festive pub visit), we've teamed our snuggly sweater with some very on trend checked culottes, knee high boots and a studded over the body bag - perfect!

Gin Ginimey Unisex Christmas Jumper

 Night Out Look - This time, we've got another super­ca­lif­ra­gal­istic combo...GIN and Mary Poppins! Oh yes, we've repped out fave tipple several times on our infamous slogan tops, but we think we may have just outdone ourselves. Picture Dick Van Dyke on the London rooftops...but in a gin bar! Yes. For our night out look we've got our legs out again and gone for a metallic silver mini skirt. Finish with some snake boots and a cute red statement bag!

Day Time Look - We can totally dress this down too; team with wide leg black jeans, some very sassy patent boots and this season's must have bead bag to add some EXTRA!

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