Ten of the Best Things About Being Single on Valentine's Day...

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, couples, and all things romantic… but we don’t want our single pringle’s to feel left out on the lead up to the big day, especially with Single's Day being all the way in November! We’ve done a lil bit of market research with our fellow single friends and we’ve comprised a list that celebrates ten of the BEST things about riding solo. Being single is also a reason to celebrate! (and to treat yo' self...)

Emma Watson announced earlier in 2019 that she now wants to identify as being ‘Self-partnered’ rather than ‘Single’… and we vibe with that! So if you’re a long term independent woman or newly back on the single horse, this blog may be for you!

Valentine's Day, Single, Ten of The Best Things About Being Single on Valentine's Day, Shopping, Gifts for Her, Plants, Valentine's Cards, 1.The Plant Life Chose Me If cats are your thing then cool, but what about becoming a crazy cactus lady? Now you’re only responsible for yourself, you have time to nurture your green friends without someone thinking your £25 rose gold mini watering can isn’t a necessity… because it is. 

2. Grow and Glow When you go it alone you develop and sharpen skills that you would sometime put on the back burner. For example, you may have to socialise by yourself more often and push on without a second opinion or reassurance from a partner that you might sometimes rely upon. Nurture your independent side and you will surprise yourself at how much your confidence will grow!

3. Who Said Avo Toast Was Basic? You can have all of the avocado toast your heart desires... without being called a hipster... or being lectured about not getting your protein in! *Snooze*

4. No More Toilet Troubles… The toilet seat stays down. Enough said.

5. Your Time Is Your Own! You have all of the time to focus on you and only you. You are on your own time frame! If you want to watch Gossip Girl for the 6th time this year, You do you boo.

White Sweatshirt, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Valentine's Day, Ideas for valentines Day, Single Life, Quotes about being single, Independent Woman, 6. No More Bed Troubles. Star-fishing - also enough said.

7. Release Your Inner Beyonce... You gain a new appreciation for how empowering the hand wave is in Beyonce’s Single Ladies! The club classic can now be belted out without feeling the slight guilt that your bae might be watching you go crazy for a song about being single!

8. No compromising on Netflix! Want to binge-watch Planet Earth? Plough through hours of How To Get Away With Murder? (ROR approved!) or dance around your room with Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again playing incessantly... Now you can! Full Netflix freedom feels good.

9. Guilt-free Retail Therapy. You can shop until your heart's content without someone asking you why you’ve bought practically the same top five different times… It’s not an addiction, we swear!

10. It's Your Time to Thrive! Self-love is the MOST important love of them all, its time to do you! Like the queen once said... “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”. We <3 you, Ru Paul.

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Self-partnered, Bae'd-off or somewhere in between... we all deserve to be loved! <<<333

Thanks for reading! Emma @ ROR x 

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