The 5 Stages of Gym Life

Gym life. Yes, you know, the new year, new me-detox-veganary-eat dust-look amazing life. It all starts out oh so positively; you join the gym, get the outfit (obvs), cut out everything remotely nice from your diet and best of all, you rope all of your friends into doing the same (so you can all be miserable together). Oh okay, so we're slightly biased about this specific topic (can you tell we hate the gym). We know it's good for you and can make you feel great...but despite the positives, there seem to be 5 stages to everyone's gym life:

You get your friends involved: Yas. You and your besties decided it will 100% be different this time. Matching outfits are a given, you book 3 classes and actually manage to make it through 2 before wanting to throw up...

You may go a little OTT: So you have the membership, you have the friends on board and now you head to the gym like a champ. Only problem is, those pink glittery skin tight leggings look SO much better on the size 0 model.

You Own It: Yes, you made it through a whole week at the gym. You look good, feel good and totally own the place.

It 'Glow' Starts To Wear Off: A month in and you're realising why 80% off gym memberships are used within the first 4 weeks of Jan. The no chocolate, the cancelling of plans because you have "a class" and the general effort of it all it starting to wear off.

It's Not For You: 6 weeks in and you realise you'd rather be eating a dominos and drinking your weight in white wine than sweating it out at the gym. After all,  you're brilliant, funny and awesome, being super skinny just wouldn't be fair!

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