The Blogger Collection

Rock on Ruby - Bespoke Tees for Fbloggers & Fashionistas.

After 5 years of designing tops for Hen Partys and events at Girly Nights Out, we have decided to create a new line of fashionable tees, under the name Rock On Ruby. Inspired by our office mascot - a tiny poodle with a big personaity, Rock On Ruby is all about expression and individuality.

From this we have created The Blogger Collection - slogan tops designed by the most inspirational bloggers. Since Rock On Ruby launched in May, we have been lucky enough to work with some of the hottest, hot-right-now bloggers, including Victoria from InTheFrow, Kirsty Doll and Tiny Twisst.

Each tee has been chosen by the blogger themself and features a slogan or quote that they can relate to. On the back of the bloggers tee is their blog name.

Want to make your own tee??

We have just launched a fresh, fashionable range of tops that are printed to order, but we can also create pretty much any slogan that you might want... Contact us at or email the Rock OnRuby team at

How It Works:

Step 1 - Get creative! Think of a slogan, quote, lyric, phrase or word that you can relate to and that "works" for you. Is this something that you'd want to wear in public? If so, you're ready to rock!

Step 2 - Email us to order or head to our Create your Own Tee section - its easy peasy!

Step 3 - Wear and Share! We love seeing our tees in action, so don't forget to tag us on instagram at @rockonrubyxx

Finally - If your vest / tee is a hit, we'll add it to our online site: www.­girlynightsout.­com

Any Questions?? Holler at us on insta, twitter, email or facebook. #ROR
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