The Hen Party Statistics You NEED to know!

The Hen Party Stats you need to know!!

So Let's break it down...

It’s official - Manchester is the most popular hen party destination in the United Kingdom! (We thought so...) The city came in first place out of 66 destinations, with 4.22% of hens choosing Manchester as their party destination. Bristol wasn’t far behind, with the runner up sealing 4.16% of hens, while Bath rounded off the top three with 3.95%. Cardiff represented Wales with 3.77% of hens choosing to hit up the Welsh capital. Where are you planning on having your big night? Wherever you are going, don’t forget your hen party accessories for a truly memorable night!

Partying Abroad Of course, not everyone chooses to enjoy their hen party in the UK – the world is your oyster! Barcelona turned out to be by far the most popular foreign destination, as 48% of hens chose the Catalan city for their wild weekend. Prague came in second with 17%, with Amsterdam following close behind on 11%.

Who? When? Where? Before you get to all of the fun stuff, you need to plan your night! The first major decision of any party planning is the number of hens invited. Although it is unlucky for some, it seems that 13 is the most popular group size for a hen party! The average spend per hen came in at £138. The majority of hen parties are booked during February – there must be something about the cold weather and the New Year that makes us want to get away and party!

It’s Party Time! The destination is just one part of the experience, after all, what would a hen party be without some indulgent activities to enjoy?! Out of 200 activities, cocktail mixing was by far the most popular pastime, with 6% of hens choosing to improve their cocktail shaking and making skills! 5% booked a day of pampering, while 4% chose a cheeky Dirty Dancing lesson.

What have you got planned for your evening entertainment? Clubbing in the VIP area grabbed top spot as the most popular party entertainment – it is a classic, after all! 5.6% of hens booked a boogie bus, while 4.7% went for the more outrageous fire engine limo option. We don’t know about you, but nothing can beat riding in a limo for the first time! Although, the 5.2% who chose a nice and relaxing river cruise might be onto something … we can already imagine relaxing on the water with a nice glass of wine. Mmm.

All data was provided by GoHen and organised by Girly Night Out. 38,980 customers were profiled over a one year period...
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