The Lazy Plant Lover's Guide

I am fully hopping on the houseplant love train. If you're not quite sold on it just yet I'll give you a few minutes to go look through pinterest and come to the realisation that you in fact need to cover your home in greenery. But, just in case the photos haven't sold it for you, I thought I'd highlight some benefits of bringing the outside in!

Firstly, they just look nice. A nice looking space = a better mood. Well, it does for me anyway. Plus, it's proven that spending time outdoors - especially in green areas -  can benefit your mental health. Click here to see Mind's page on this because I'm pretty sure they know more about this than me. But anyway, if greenery helps your mind why wouldn't you bring it inside as well? Lowering your stress levels by creating a calming environment - yes please. On top of all this, house plants can also help purify the air within your home too. I'll admit, there is a lot of speculation on that one but I'm still going with it.

Anyway, I've spent so long looking at dreamy plant filled interiors that I'm determined to have my own. Only issue is, I'm not the best at keeping plants alive. So, after much trial and error, I've gathered my top tips for the lazy plant lover - from a lazy plant lover!

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Number One: Do the research

This makes it sound serious and boring, but by this I literally mean hop over onto youtube and waste a couple hours watching plant tours. They're honestly addictive and it gives you ideas of which plants can survive where. I also recommend @­hangin­gho­usep­lants if you're on tiktok. He just shows a lot of nice plants and gives tips in a short amount of time.

Number Two: Pick the right plant

After doing your "research" you might have a better idea of what plants you reckon you could keep alive. Speaking from experience, spider plants and philodendrons are easy. I have forgotten many times to water them, and they still look pretty good - even if I do say so myself. I also have an ivy plant, which is actually my second take - I somehow managed to kill the first one which is apparently pretty hard. Other hard to kill plants include: pothos, snake plant, monstera, peace lilly, dragon tree to name a few.

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Number Three: Watering

If you are forgetful - like me - dedicate a day when you always water your plants. Or take it a step further and get an automatic waterer. I think these are only really meant for when you go away, but they could always be a help when you're first starting out. I also bought a fancy looking water mister that I keep on my shelf. Just seeing it there reminds me to water the plants.

Number four: Cacti

So you've tried, but you're somehow still killing your plants. The answer is cacti. Notice how this says cacti and not succulents. Do not believe anything anyone says when they tell you succulents are easy - I have managed to kill my fair few. But cacti - they're resilient. There's also so many different types and some even flower so they can look really good in a room.

Number Five: When all else fails

Plastic. You won't get the air purifying, but you'll get the aesthetic, no responsibility and an ever green room. No one will ever know...

How is your houseplant collection going?

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