The Lynx Effect - Angels

The Lynx Effect - Even Angels will Fall... Fallen Angels?! Ooh, our favourite kind!

 Yes the latest Lynx advert is here!

First there were millions of women stampeding across the world due to the ´Lynx Effect´, now even Angels are falling from Heaven to get a whiff:

Shot in the gorgeous, Croatian town of Split, which is intended to represent a typical ´picturesque European town´, the ad features people going about their daily routine, until they are interrupted by a group of falling Angels!

The gorgeous Angels plummet from the sky and oblivious to the people around them, make a beeline for one man. Set to the soundtrack of a dramatic choral version of Air´s ´Sexy Boy´, the corrupt Angels grab their Halos and fling them to the ground.

The advert ends with the man alone in his room, spraying himself with Lynx Excite. The tagline? "New Lynx Excite, Even Angels will fall".

The advert is to promote Lynx´s new ´Excite´ range, but this time round the Brand Managers hope to appeal to ´less brash teenagers´ by going for a more ´sophisticated approach´.

Apparently a follow-up campaign that will launch later this year and will be "really outrageous". We can´t wait to see it! But until then, we´re quite happy to keep the Angel advert playing on repeat...

We´re not quite sure if Angels will really fall, but we know that we´d do pretty much anything to get our hands on these fabulous Feather Angel Wings...

First Americas Next Top Model featured a Fallen Angel shoot (covered in the Our Halloween Costumes aren´t just for Halloween Blog) and now the people at Lynx have gone all Angelic. It seems that fabulous feathers are all the rage right now!

Take a look at our Angel Costumes and Accessories to create your angelic look! Don´t forget your Halo girls!

Happy Watching Ladies!

Love, The Girls xx

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