The Making of our Father's Day range

Our new Father's Day range is live!! We wanted these products to be full of fun and all about repping your team name - because they've always got your back! We thought we'd walk you through some of the design process and how we got to the final products that are online...

making the rock on ruby 2021 personalised fashion father's day collection

So, we wanted to create a collection with a preppy look that had family at its heart. Yes, this was going to be our Father's day range, but we wanted it to still be worn all year round. On top of that, we didn't want it to be dad exclusive! These are unisex designs with a unisex fit. All our tops are the same no matter the gender, it doesn't matter if you're not a dad these can still be for you.

Anyway, this collection started where all great ideas start - in a mood board! We put in all our inspiration and chosen colour scheme onto a page to see how it looked.

We loved the varsity style sweatshirts and muted tones together. So we got to designing - first in our red bible that we've mentioned before, and then on the computer with some rough mock-ups.

Once we'd settled on our final designs (some of them are still to come!) we got to have a play around with personalisation options. We love being able to give you the products that you really want and that fit your personal style, so we really like giving you options when it comes to buying your new fave top. We decided to give options for the usuals - year and name - but also wanted to go a little further this year! Many of our new designs let you pick the sport that you enjoy most! Choose from fishing, skiing, football, rugby, tennis or golf. This collection is all about you.

After all that, we couldn't decide which colour text we liked best on our let's play design... so we had to add that as an option too! The hardest part about buying from our Father's Day range is deciding which options you like best!

And then we got to the absolute best bit. Seeing our designs come to life. They were exactly as we'd hoped. So, Graham did his hair and makeup and started his modelling career! With restrictions still in place (and time of the essence!) we shot these in our office garden when it was luckily much sunnier!

Mens Coffee Definitely helps Sweatshirt_Navy-4 Mens Embroidered BP Lets play sweatshirt_green-2 Mens personalised Legend Year T Shirt

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Which is your favourite top from the new collection?

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