The Problem With This Heatwave!

We may have had a little break from the UK heatwave, but next week it's set to return, and it's going to be HOTTER THAN EVER! Oh yes, we loved life a few months ago, when Costa Del Manchester had a steady temp of 24c. We could wear what we wanted, we ate al fresco and it put everyone in a better mood. Flash forward 8 weeks, and we're hot. TOO HOT. Yes, we had a temporary (rainy) break from the 30c + temps, and we actually liked it! Here are the reason's we're a bit fed up with this weather...(we love a good moan).

You Can't Sleep - 2 fans, all the windows open and no quilt and it's still like sleeping in an oven! We even resorted to freezing a hot water hotter (do not recommend). We look and feel exhausted and we just  just want to sleep!

Sweating - We sweat. Yes, we're ladies, but we sweat. A lot. We carry 3 cans of deodorant, wear white and still look like we've just got out of the shower. Dry shampoo and wet wipes are the only way to survive!

No Energy - There's a reason the Spanish have siestas! It's too damn hot to do anything other than nap! Unless you have the miracle of air-conditioning (fat chance in this country) then we think work should be illegal when it's this hot - let's move to Spain!

We Have To Shave Our Legs (a lot) - We love a good 2 week vacay, we get waxed, primped and preened. But when it's hot for this long, in this country, it's just too much effort. Shaving our legs more than once a month is just alien to us (#­sorrynotsorry) and we just want it to rain.

Flesh is On Display - Body confident or not, getting more flesh out on display is not a thing we're used to. We suddenly had to wear less and show more and we're panicking. Working out is not our thing, so we may just invest in a kaftan...

You Want To Live At The Beach - When it's sunny and hot, who wants to be stuck in a stuffy office!? Not us! We want to be at the beach where at least we can strip off and cool down. But oh no, we totally took all our holidays and now have to melt indoors.

Beach Life Is Not That Glam - Yeah so we all want to think we look graceful, sexy and oh so cool when we got to the beach, but in reality, it doesn't always go that way.

What we think we look like at the beach...

Vs Reality

You're Sick And Tired of Everyone Who Loves This Weather - Yup, we're miserable and warm. Don't get us wrong; give us 22c and sunny any day. But when it's 33c in Bury, it's not just hot, it's BOILING and we just want to be inside with the fan. Anyone who says they love this weather - LYING!

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