The Resting Bitch Face™ Collection

We are pretty proud of our resting bitch face - and it seems like you lot are too! Our super sassy RBF range is very popular with you guys, and with new additions being add (whenever we discover we can print it on something else!) we thought we'd give you the run down of our fave pieces!

Resting Bitch Face Make Up Bag - Our slogan on the thing we use EVERY DAY. Yas! Get a little sass-itude each time you adorn that beautiful RBF of yours!

Resting Bitch Face Club T Shirt - Let everyone know which FABULOUS club you belong to in our Dom & Ink exclusive illustration tee! Stay chic and stylish whilst letting them know it's really not your fault!

Resting Bitch Face Arrow T Shirt - Release your inner Lauren Pope and OWN your resting bitch face! I mean, we couldn't get more obvious than a massive arrow pointing to it!

Resting Bitch Face Club Mug - Get your caffeine fix in style, with our illustrated, chic black mug. Great for letting people know what club you're part of!

Rest Bitch Face Club Dressing Gown - Relax in style in our super stylish black dressing gown! You can chill whilst letting people know you're part of the best club around!

Resting Bitch Face Keeps You Pretty T Shirt - Share words of wisdom with our 'smiling give you wrinkles, resting bitch face keeps you pretty' slogan tee! Stylish and super useful, this t shirt will definitely get you turning heads!

Resting Bitch face Child's Top - Gotta start em' early! Our cheeky slogan has been miniaturised for sassy little ladies! Perfect for the kids that are destined to grow up to be members of the RBF Club!

Resting Bitch Face Club Phone Case - Accessorise your RBF with out handy (and super sassy) RBF club phone cover! A little daily reminder for everyone that you are proud to be past of the club!

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