The Upcycled Tie Dye Collection

This week we launched our upcycled collection! I know I keep banging on about Earth Day, but it's so close now and our collection is finally out there to celebrate it. This limited number of jumpers have all been made with upcycled elements to help us reduce our impact on the environment - especially as a fashion brand.

rock on ruby sustainable upcycled clothing collection for earth day 2021

Why Upcycle?

Well, fashion is a huge polluter to our environment which is why we try to keep our brand sustainable and ethical. We like to review this each year around Earth Day to see how we can improve further. This is where the idea began. As with any company, some products contain tiny flaws or get marked in storage which means we can't sell them under our normal listings. Alternatively, we sometimes end up with a few sweatshirts left over in colours that have been discontinued. We can't bear seeing these go to waste though so we decided to give them a new lease of life! Each top in this collection has been hand dyed or bleached in our Rock On Ruby HQ!

Wait My Top Has Flaws?!

No! Don't worry. We've washed, bleached and dyed these tops to make them as good as new again. Many of the tops with "flaws" actually just contained caught threads in the seams that were the wrong colour. These faults were very minor cosmetic issues and not a problem with the actual structure of the top. We got you!

upcycled bleach tie dye sweaters from rock on ruby with personalised embroidery

Can I personalise it?

Of course! If you follow us over on our insta (click here if not) you've probably had your say on this collection. We loved giving some behind the scenes clips of these tops being made and the process they go through. We also left it up to you guys to decide what went on them. The majority voted for embroidery personalisation so it was a no brainer! We actually ended up giving you 5 different options for this and we still can't even pick our own favourite!

tie dye this or that upcycled collection from rock on ruby tie dye upcycled collection from rock on ruby

If you want more information on our sustainability and ethics as a business click here!

If you're looking for more info and ways to get involved with Earth Day, head to the official website here!

How would you personalise your sweatshirt?

Bethan ROR xx

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