Tik Tok: A Guide For Beginners

A Tik Tok Guide For Beginners! If you have read our previous blog, we did our best to explain the new social media phenomenon - Tik Tok!  We aren’t claiming we are Tik Tok connoisseurs, but we have learned a thing or two about the app! Here are our top ten Tik Tok tips! (Try saying that one ten times in a row!) 

Post Post Post! If you’re looking to grow your following fast, you need to be posting at least one video (minimum) a day! As of 2019, it was the most-downloaded photo and video app globally, in the Apple store and Google play. If you want a good chance of getting a good number of views, you need to get on the app ASAP, before it becomes too saturated! This isn’t confirmed, but there are theories that the app favours people who post more regularly as... well, it’s good for business! Find Your Niche! It is good to play around with popular trends e.g Dances, challenges or voiceovers but it is good to have a niche or something to be recognised for. Whether that’s your fashion, your home decor, makeup, life as a parent, your art, tips and life hacks, your pets, general aesthetic, etc!

Make Your Content Appealing! Tik Tok is different from any other App as the main feed or homepage is called the ‘For you’ page and its main focus is to expose you to users that you DON'T follow rather than who you do follow. This makes it much easier to explore and find new accounts! People will decide if they like someone’s content enough to not scroll past within 3-5 seconds, so make it eyecatching to grab your audience’s attention!

Tik Tok loves GOOD lighting so your videos are more likely to get boosted to the top of peoples ‘For You’ pages if they are bright and clear. If you’re thinking of taking your videos to the next level, consider getting a ring light so you can glow and grow! Ride the Trend Wave! Jump on the latest trends to get traffic directed to your videos! Make sure your videos are short, snappy and fresh! But once a trend has had its day, it’s hard to get the views you'd be hoping for.

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Mix Up Your #’s… Make sure your hashtags are relevant! Similar to any other app, your hashtags should be a mixture of smaller #’s, so they don’t get lost in the mass and one or two more frequently followed ones, as there are many more people looking at them. An equal balance is how to capture both sizes of audiences.

Some good hashtags to use are #Newtothis, #Foryoupage, #FYP, #FY, #Duet, #Thehype, etc. Duet Tik Tok Famous People! Duetting people on Tik Tok is essentially creating a video to react to their original post. Duetting Tik Tok famous people such as Charlie Damelio, Lewis Capaldi, Emma Chamberlain, Will Smith, etc. works wonders for your engagement as you will come up in the results for when people search for their accounts! And if it’s entertaining enough for people to react to it… bonus! React to your engagement! Make sure to interact with everybody that engages with your Tik Tok’s including all comments, shares, and duets! If someone recognises that you reply to them they are more than likely to interact in the future... Communication is key! Don't delete your Tik Tok’s if you don't think they are performing well! If you’re disappointed with your Tik Tok’s performance, don’t worry! As long as you have relevant #’s, you may experience the ‘delayed explosion’ effect. There may be a surge of searches for the hashtag you have used three, six or even a year down the line! Remember… Rome wasn’t built in a day! You don’t have to create content to be content. Tik Tok is so popular as its a platform to be creative and have fun without the pressure of perfection! Create your best content but don't take it too seriously! And most of all... have fun!

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