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Mental health. We all have it! Who matter what your age, race, religion, nationality, or whether you’re a Boyzone or Westlife fan (our references really age us don’t they…) we all have physical health and mental health. Physical health is pretty well know and talked about. We don’t get embarrassed or ashamed if we break our leg; we don’t hide our symptoms or play them down because we’re worried what other people will think of us. And most of us don’t really have a problem going to the GP and asking for help. So why is mental health any different? 

Today is national ‘Time To Talk’ day. A day dedicated to helping to raise awareness of mental health and the fact we need to talk more about it guys! Anxiety, depression, OCD, Bi-polar; most of these conditions we’ve heard of, but do we really know what it’s like for someone who suffers? With a whopping 1 in 4 of us predicted to struggle within our lifetime (that’s a massive 16.5million people in Great Britain ALONE!), then isn’t about time we started the conversation (answer: yes it bloody is!).

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For someone who personally suffers with a mental health condition (crappy anxiety!), I can well and truly say, I LOVE the fact it’s becoming a normalised topic. When I was diagnosed, my doctor didn’t even know that a 15 year old could suffer from panic attacks (this was 16 years ago…okay we’ve well and truly given our age away, I was a Will and not a Gareth - if you know you know). To think that we’ve now got a national day, is pretty amazing. Yet more can still be done!

Here at ROR, we have always been aware of mental health of all kinds, and have always tried to make you feel as badass as you can, no matter what your struggles! Championing women and men, empowering you to have a voice through sassy slogans, and keeping you up to date with topical and important conversations can all help give you the confidence you need to OWN YOUR AMAZING SELF. Mental health is just one of the things we think need to be discussed more. 

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No one is okay all the time. As always, we have to mention social media. Things can look rosey online, when in fact someone is struggling. So always remember not to compare yourself (we know it’s hard when you’re watching Coronation Street and they’re off on another tropical holiday!) but it’s just not real life; it’s a curated feed of images people want us to see. We’re guilty, but as long as you know not everything is as it seems, it’s easier to mange you’re own life. We all have down days, and it doesn’t make you weak if you say you’ve had enough. In fact it shows strength! It's not easy, and you may be terrified, but try and share your problems with someone you trust; we can almost guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with their reaction (and they will have most likely suffered at one point themselves).

So, make that call, write that text and let’s talk!

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If you’re in need of help, and don’t want talk to family or friends, then here are some incredible places that can help. You are not alone. 

The Samaritans 

Anxiety UK



C.A.L.L Helpline

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