Tips On How To Make It Through January!

2019 is here people! We think we're still slightly hungover from NYE, but we're doing fine... we're FINE. Most of us are (sadly) back at work today, but we thought we'd cheer you and give you some of our expert tips on how to make it through the January blues. It's dark, it's cold, we're all carrying a little Christmas weight, and to top it off, we're broke. But fear not! We have come up with some scientifically proven (by team ROR) ways to make it through the month from hell! Best of all, they're all cheap, easy and anyone can do it.


Don't Overthink!

All this "new year new me" rubbish is making us seriously doubt ourselves. Well we suggest you take a look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're seriously SASSY. You've made it through life this far, and one crappy month is not going to define you (can we get a hell yeah!). January can be difficult, as it does signal the end of one year, and the start of a new one. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the best, lose the weight, get the new job. But we think you're perfect just the way you are. Sure, set some goals, but don't overthink just because it's 2019!

Try And Cut Back On Social Media 

We may base 90% of our business on social media, we love the thing, but we also see how easy it is to compare yourselves. Scrolling through instagram, seeing your fave bloggers on holidays, with their boyfriends and strutting around in the latest trends is not always good for your mental health. Take a break, or unfollow people that make you feel rubbish! (is this not the greatest gif you've ever seen!?)

Cut Out The Crap!

Okay, we may sound a little harsh here, but it's time to make some healthy decisions! Cut out bad people, places and activities that make you feel bad. Life can be difficult, so it's important you are making the right decisions for YOURSELF. If you are happy, then you're family, friends and loved ones will be happy too!

Cut Down On The Booze

We know, we know, we're really not the ones to talk. However, we know we feel bloated, tired and have bad skin when we overindulge, and let's face it, Christmas 2018 was a bit of a blow out! Use Jan to be kind to your body; give your liver a little break. Now we don't expect you to cut down completely (unless you have the willpower of a saint!) but just limit it and feel good the next day!

Embrace Your Body!

Your body has carried you through life right up until this exact moment. You've had ups and downs, you've fallen out a few times, but ultimately it's your friend. Would you speak to your friend how you speak to yourself? Would you tell your friend she's "fat"? Would you say thing that hurt them? NO! So why do we do it to ourselves? We're all guilty of it, but if we have one resolution this year, it's definitely to be kinder to ourselves!

Dump The Fad Diets!

Fad diets are so 2001. Embrace the carbs, embrace the dairy and enjoy your food! We're all about loving our bodies, and a way to look after them a little better is to make sure you put in the right fuel! Leafy greens, lots of pulses and obviously the things you enjoy too!

If In Doubt...Fake It Til You Make It!

Yup, we said it! FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT PEOPLE! We can't get across how much this actually works! You want a better job, get in the mindset of that job role. Want to run a marathon, start by getting out and walking. Just get on the mind set and keep telling yourself you will achieve your goals and you WILL.

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