Tool Academy - The Ultimate School Geeks!

Don´t be glum because it´s Monday people! Yes the weekend is over, but there is an awesome night of TV waiting for you tonight... .


First of all there´s the amazing Glee at 9pm! But don´t get trigger happy with the TV remote too soon... just wait for the end credits to roll and you´ll soon find yourself enrolled in the world of Tool Academy!!

That´s right. Tool Academy. Now, before you jump to the conclusion that the show is all about hammers and nails - think again!

The show kicked off 2 weeks ago with a group of men competing for what they thought was the position of ?Britain´s Ultimate Lad?. Sadly (for them) it wasn´t... The ´Lads´ had in actual fact been enrolled into Tool Academy by their girlfriends for being, in their opinion, pretty useless boyfriends! Needless to say, they boys weren´t best pleased. But with ?25,000 up for grabs, they were soon convinced to stay...

To win, the couples take part in challenges and therapy sessions - which are pretty entertaining to watch. The Tool who shows the least improvement is evicted by the presenter (who, just to warn you, likes to have deep conversations with the show´s therapist whilst sat in the bath?! Very strange.) 

Each Tool has been given a very appropriate nickname and we can already see the winners and losers emerging... We have to say that we were relieved to see Liam aka Randy Tool leaving last week! The fool, who cheated on his girlfriend in Week One, was sent packing after footage of him disappearing into the toilets with another girl was shown to the group. Sadly, the biggest Tool would have to be his girlfriend who agreed to forgive him!?

Another crazy lady appeared to be sending her perfectly nice boyfriend to Tool Academy because he was "too gay" and needed to ?man-up? - surely in the real world you would just realise that this is not a match made in heaven?

So there you have it! We can´t wait to see what tonight´s episode has in store... Bring back Temper Tool, that´s what we say!

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Have fun you Tools!

Love, The Girls xx

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