Top 5 Clueless Moments, Like Ever.

This week we are honouring all things school related as we dig out our school fancy dress costumes in preparation for the new term (and for Freshers Week!) So we're kicking things off with highlights from one of our all time favourite, School chick flicks!

How much did we all want Chers EPIC wardrobe? Nt only was it jam packed full of totally on trend 80s and 90s clothes, but it was colour co-ordinated and arranged according to season. Not only that but it was all available at the click of a button... Sigh.

Cher's speech for her debate was hilarious! Speaking as a total party girl - Chers motto to life is "The More the Merrier" and that's exactly how we like it at GNO!

Why didn't our gym kits look this cool in high school?? This is the moment that we suddenly wanted a completely monochrome wardrobe and the moment that Cher decided to give new girl Tai, a makeover!

Josh and Cher Kiss

The moment that Josh and Cher finally realised that they were head over heels for each other... (Aw!)

And our absolute favourite moment has to be:

The moment that Cher falls off the bed in front of Christian... CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE!!

Get Cher's totally Clueless style at Girly Night Out! We're thinking super short skirts, tartan and knee high socks. What a betty!

Get the look in our School Girl Fancy dress section now!

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