Top Ten Christmas Films by GirlyNightOut!

Christmas is Coming!

We´ve put together a list of our Top Ten Christmas Films to get you in the mood for some Festive Fun this year!

These little treats are also THE perfect Hangover cure for when you´ve partied too hard in your girlynightout Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes! With only a few weeks to go, get yours costume and Christmas Santa Hat from our Ladies Christmas Fancy Dress section NOW

1. Polar Express - Possibly our most favourite Christmas animation EVER.

2. Miracle on 34th Street - How can you doubt that Father Christmas exists after watching this little gem?!

3. Elf - ?The best way of spreading Christmas Cheer is by singing loud for all to hear!? (Or.... by getting your gal pals together and going out in your Ladies Christmas Fancy Dress from girlynightout!)

4. The Grinch - We want to celebrate Christmas in Who-ville Please!!

5. Love Actually - All You Need is Love (and a hot guy to come to your door with signs declaring he loves you... Sigh!)

6. White Christmas - A Golden Oldie! Because even though we moan when we have to de-ice our cars, everyone dreams of a White Christmas!

7. Home Alone - You´ll be Rockin´ Around the Christmas Tree after watching this feel-good family film! 7b. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - Ok, so Kevin isn´t quite as cute in this movie... but we love to hate the scary Hotel Manager! Our favourite line from this movie? ?And Little Moe with the Gimpy Leg? Classic.

8. The Holiday - Jude Law= Yummy.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas - ?And they Call Him Sandy Claws? Creepy but Christmassy at the same time... Strangely enjoyable!

10. It´s A Wonderful Life - Erm, ok, we have to admit that the Girlynightout Team have not yet seen this movie... But as we keep hearing about its greatness, it is now our mission to watch it this Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Love, The Girls xx
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