Top Ten Harlem Shakes

Top 10 Harlem Shakes

We’re absolutely loving the Harlem Shake at the moment, so much so that we made our very own. Brace yourselves folks!

The Girly Night Out Harlem Shake!

We’ve searched the web high and low to find the very best Harlem Shakers out there and here’s our top 10. Let us know what you think. Have we missed any?

10 – Snooker Harlem Shake

This is perhaps what you’d least expect to happen in an otherwise dull snooker match. More of this please! 9 – Office Harlem Shake

Just a regular day in the office….

8 – HUUUUUGE Harlem Shake

We like this one a lot. Absolute carnage – just how it’s supposed to be!

7 – News Reporters Harlem Shake

And finally….

6 – Lecture Theatre Harlem Shake

10 out of 10 for effort here from the students of the University of Texas.

5 – NYC Harlem Shake

Great party vibes in NYC’s Times Square.

4 – Puppy Harlem Shake

Ridiculously cute puppies shakin’ it.

3 - Army Harlem Shake

Thought by some to be the original. Even if it’s not, we love this one!

2 - Underwater Harlem Shake

This is just too cool.

1 – Skydiving Harlem Shake

We think this has to be the cream of the crop, but please prove us wrong. Post your own Harlem Shakes on our Facebook wall and put the rest to shame!

Love The Scout xx

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