Top Ten Hen Night Dares...

So you´re wearing your Personalised Tshirt and you´ve got a shot in one hand plus a cocktail in the other.... But no wild night out is complete without some hilarious Hen Night Dares and Games!

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So what are you waiting for?! Here are our Top 10 dares to really get the party started on your next girly night out - 1. Girls On Tour - Where are you from?? Put on an American accent aallll night with everyone you meet - even bar men. The first girl to slip out of it has to do a forfeit!

2. Celeb Spot - Ask someone for their autograph and convince everyone nearby that you have definitely seen this person in a magazine or on TV or somewhere...


3. "Don´t you know who I am?!" - Try and convince a stranger that you are someone famous!

4. Tune! - When the next song is played, jump up and shout ?Oh My God, I love this one!? and then sing and dance your heart out on the dance floor

5. Just Dance - Do the Robot in the middle of the dance floor! If that doesn´t get everyone´s attention, try the Funky Chicken...

6. Say Cheese! - Ask people to take a picture of you but with their own camera. (Obviously they will need to tag you in this on Facebook as well)

7. Call Me Maybe? - Grab a pen and write your number on a strangers arm / torso / hand (wherever you like!) Bonus points if they actually call you!

8. Drunk and Disorderly - Get a photo of you with someone in uniform. Extra points for wearing their Hat in the picture - just don´t wander off with it or get arrested...

9. Gift of the gab! - Try and blag a free drink from the Bar man.

10. Yes Man (or Woman) - You cannot say NO to anything. All night.

If you want to take some ready made dare cards with you, then head over to our Hen Night Dares and Games section! There´s huge range of games suitable for any girly night out!

Have fun girls! Don´t forget to Tweet us your hilarious pictures to @GirlyNightOut

Love The Girls xx

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