Transition to A/W in style...

Summer is officially over in my eyes. The sun is no more, I’m wearing socks and all I can be bothered to do is curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and a blanket and watch TV. I’ve had this post idea jotted in my little notebook for a while now and figured this is the best opportunity to get it out there.

One thing I hate about seasonal transitions is the wardrobe malfunctions we succumb to. I use to be someone who chucked out all my summer dresses then went on a spree for knitted jumpers. I’d waste so much money and lost great clothing in the process. All I needed was a little helping hand to guide me through my wardrobe and tell me how to wear my summer clothing in the coldest time of the year. So here are five simple steps to get you through Autumn/Winter without breaking the piggy-bank:

First and foremost, do not throw away your dresses, shorts, skirts or summer accessories. A/W can surprise us at times, so those sunglasses may be needed.

First and foremost, do not throw away your dresses, shorts, skirts or summer accessories. A/W can surprise us at times, so those sunglasses may be needed.

Autumn Winter Style

  1. If you can’t stand the thought of having your legs on show no more, do not avoid your dresses or skirts. Whether this is because it is cold or your tan has faded away, all you need is a simple pair of tights. We all have an odd pair lying around somewhere, so fish them out! This can be sheer, black, or any colour/pattern you wish. The simple solution to be able to keep wearing those summer frocks is to whack on a pair of tights with them. If you’re a tough cookie and believe it’s not cold enough for tights, opt for a pair of knee-high socks instead. If the brisk, cold air is still too much, throw a cardigan over your shoulders and you’re good to go.

  2. Swap the cardigan’s for a Kimono. We all know Kimono’s are the go-to item in our wardrobe this season. Whether it’s on the beach, strolling through the park or a makeshift festival blanket, we all love our Kimono’s. Having said that, it would be a shame to no longer wear them. So with those dresses and tights and perhaps a pair of boots, have a Kimono as your weapon against the cold. We all know it won’t be too cold to begin with this autumn, so it’s safe to continue using the lightest of items we own. If you’d prefer a knitted cardigan, try using your Kimono as a dressing gown. It makes for a sleek and sultry look when in your PJ’s, which I’m sure your men will love ladies!

  3. Necklaces are a pain the moment it turns cold. The cold metal against my chest is a feeling I hate and always avoid, which means neglecting my treasured jewels for a whole season! To avoid this, here’s a crafty tip. You will need some supplies but they are dirt cheap! Buy some felt or other soft material in any colour (I try to match it to the colours on my necklace) and some super-glue. If you have a hot glue gun, even better. On the material trace around the outline of you necklace’s pendant (the part that actually sits on your chest, not the chain) and cut out. I make this part a little smaller than needed so the material doesn’t stick out at the edges. Cover the material in glue and stick onto the back of the necklace. Press down for a good minute or so, then leave to dry. Simple as that!
  1. Throughout the coldest times in the year I keep my makeup minimal. A pop of concealer and mascara is probably as far as I’ll go, but I always find this so dull. My skin dries out quite fast in the cold so slathering on too much product emphasises the matter. If you think bright pastels are no more, swap the pink for gold and blue for brown. The sultry, smokey-effect on eyes in winter is a great look in my opinion. My skin goes from pale to white so I need to add a bit of darkness to my appearance somehow.  If you happen to be going out, why not add a bit of gold? A/W sees me in nothing more than black and browns, but this is the year I aim to jazz it up a little. So if you still want to avoid the electric blues and bright pinks this A/W, then opt for a bit of gold dust.

  2. Hats have been rather popular this summer. I’ve seen trilbies, large sun hats and ‘pork-pie’ hats. Once it turns cold everyone feels the need to exchange all of them for a knitted-beanie. You don’t need to. As long as our heads are kept warm does it matter what hat we wear? The only issue we stand against with anything other than a tight-fit beanie is the brisk wind blowing our floppy hats away. We have hands, hold onto them! I spend ages looking for a hat that fits and suits me. I’m not going to throw that away just yet!

That is the end of my Guest post. I want to say a huge thank you to Rock On Ruby for giving me this opportunity to create a post for them. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me it is. So thank you! I hope you all enjoyed your read!

Love Kayleigh!

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