Trending Topic: Join The #slummymummy Squad

So, if you have been online this week then it would have been hard to miss the now infamous daily mail article about certain 'mummy bloggers'. In their usual fashion, the daily mail manged to offend pretty much everyone, but their particular target was "a new breed of mummy bloggers", women who are proud to blog about the real world of parenting. While most people find this refreshing, honest and let's face it, fun; the daily fail proceeded to annihilate the bloggers, seemingly missing the entire point of the of these wonderful women...humour!



 We wanted to show our support to these #slummymummys, so we created some slogan sweaters that stick 2 fingers up to the critics! So wear and share and be proud that you're surviving the hardest (and most wonderful) job in the world!


'wine o'clock' - 'fishfingers' - 'slummy mummy'



'gym first' - 'momma werk' - 'mum-life'


"stong women build each other up, not tear eachother down"

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