Valentine's Lookbook

You’ve seen our flatlays, now see our lovely Valentine’s gear worn in style! There are so many ways to put together outfits with our new V-Day collection, we're loving it a little too much. We hope you’re as in love as we are. As cupids helpers at ROR HQ are constantly adding new product, you’ll notice we’ve included some of the newest additions from our beloved DOM&INK, who is always brimming with new amazing designs. You might recognise some of the designs from other products such as phone cases and mugs – we wanted to make them wearable in sweatshirt and t-shirt form! See the full range right here.


Wear these designs with all items in your wardrobe, whether it’s jeans, a mini skirt with statement embroidery, a leather skirt or even your pjs. Burgundy is this year's warm Valentine's shade, which works perfectly with all colours, but especially pink! We've added in an element of gold, which can then be incorporated when considering your jewellery options for your plans on the 14th. Why not opt for a Sally Rose Norman gemstone ring, available at Rock on Ruby!

What's a holiday without an excuse to wear a sassy slogan t-shirt or sweatshirt?! Single and taken gals alike will love our range, whether you're looking for matching outfits for you and your slutdrop partner or declaring your love for bae on the night, we've got the way to say it in clothing form.

Team ROR are thinking pink this year, making this colour of love uniquely gorg with the addition of a cupid-approved slogan or design.

 If you're up to date with our blog posts, you'll know that since our last post we have launched all the products that were mentioned there on site! See them here. If you haven't seen our previous Valentines post, see it here.

Lots of Love,

Team ROR


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