Vamp up Your Halloween Costume!

As Bella from Twilight says, "When you can live forever what do you live for?" Well, our gorgeous Vampire Halloween Costumes of course!Vampire Halloween Costume

With Vampire Diaries, True Blood and (our personal favourite) Twilight all being released this year, we´re ´staking´ our bets that Vampire Costumes are going to be a Fangtastic look for this Halloween!

We have put together ­several very glamorous and gothic Vampire Costumes for you to sink your teeth into.... Our favourite has to be the Sexy Vampire Costume - it´s to die for!

Obviously, no Vampire Costume would be complete without a pair of pointy Fangs! Our girlynightout girl Olivia modelled this toothy look with our Instant Vampire Fang Kit on our latest Halloween photo shoot. And (apart from having great fun scaring our poor photographer!) she was thrilled to discover that her fangs stayed put throughout the shoot! Why not try them for yourself this Halloween?

Grab yourself your very own Edward Cullen in one of our gothic and glamorous looks!

Love, The Girls xx
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