Vanessa Hudgens goes Hippy at Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens let loose as she joined music fans for the closing day of the Coachella Music Festival yesterday...

The 22-year-old rocked the 70s trend in a Swingin´ Hippy look which included a cropped crochet top and cut-off denim shorts - perfect for the scorching California weather.

The gorgeous actress (who recently starred in Sucker Punch) wore a feather braid in her hair and accessorised her look with funky jewellery. Vanessa then completed her Festival look with some sparkly Face Diamonds! (She also also threw in a universal peace sign for good measure.) ´Miss Hudgens was spotted with several Seventies inspired looks whilst at the Festival! .

Earlier at the Festival, Vanessa, was joined by her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star Josh Hutcherson - who is also rumoured to be her new love interest! (Wit woo!) The pair were spotted drinking shots and laughing away in the VIP tent?

Get your Seventies groove on!!

Keep an eye out for Vanessa in her new film Beastly which is a hot new remake of Beauty and the Beast! .

The storyline follows Kyle (played by Alex Pettyfer) who thinks he is God´s gift at his high school. He plays a trick on a fellow high school student, Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen) who, unbeknown to him is a witch.

Kendra retaliates by putting a curse on him, making him as beastly on the outside as he is on the inside. He has one year to find someone to fall in love with him or stay like that forever?. Aaah!

The film is just one of the Fairytale remakes coming out this year... (See our Blog Red Riding Hood is Back!) .

With her sassy seventies style and her new films coming out, we think Vanessa is one to watch for 2011?

Love, The Girls xx

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