Veganuary Recipe Roundup

Somehow it is January again which means - Veganuary.

Going vegan is something that seems to have a lot of strong opinions surrounding it - both good and bad extremes. However you feel about it, it is one of the biggest ways that we can help reduce our impact on the planet. Research from the Oxford University actually found that it can reduce our carbon footprint by up to 73%.

So, maybe you've chosen to go the whole hog (lol) and go completely vegan, or maybe just for January, or even just decided to include more vegan meals in your diet; ether way, we've decided to help you out by collecting some of our fave instagrammers and tiktokkers that are taking part in Veganuary to inspire your cooking... or maybe just some accounts that you can scroll through and say "ooo I should cook that" and then never do.

recipe and instagram account inspiration for vegan food veganuary from rock on ruby



I honestly think I could easily live on pasta, so if you give me a healthy, creamy pasta recipe I'm probably going to try it! Alex posts a whole range of veggie meals and also includes a lot of vegan recipes or the option to make it vegan.



The colours on this instagram feed are enough to make me follow it, but the other great thing that caught my eye was the Vegan shopping list. It will definitely make your shopping trip easier!


All of the food on this account looks so good. I will never understand how people make photos of food look like this but I will always appreciate it.


If you're like me, you spend hours getting distracted scrolling through tiktok. Now you can at least pretend that you're taking cooking inspiration and tips while you do it!

There is a whole series of vegan recipe inspo on this Tiktok page! And they're all labelled on the home page so you can find them easy too.
@clara.georgenumber 12 already?! sheesh ##fyp ##vegan♬ Space Girl - Frances Forever


You can't say no to a vegan brownie... This account is being updated daily throughout January with vegan recipes so if brownies aren't up your alley (?!) there's a load more options on there too! Day one looked so good I think I'm going to have to try it.
@thenottychefVeganuary 5/30:Vegan Mayo Brownies! ##veganuary ##veganuary2021 ##veganrecipes ##learnontiktok ##newyearsresolution ##fyp♬ Lofi - Domknowz


These videos are filmed so well they're just calming to watch! It's not strictly just vegan recipes but Delicia also has a website (here) that has a whole vegan section.
@­nutri­ti­ous­ly­deliciaInsta @­nutri­ti­ous­ly­delicia✨ ##foodtiktok ##foodblogger ##balanceddiet ##nutrition ##nutritionist ##smoothie ##vegan ##plantbased ##breakfast ##break­fas­tre­cipes♬ original sound - Delicia Bale

If you prefer a classic cookbook I definitely recommend Pinch of Nom (not all vegan but some good options) or The Green Roasting Tin.

Are you taking part in veganuary?

Bethan ROR xx

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