Wally's taking over the World!

We LOVE our Where´s Wally Fancy Dress section - And judging from the feedback that we´ve had, you all love it too!

Now it seems that the world has gone Wally Mad!?!

From Festivals and Ski Slopes all the way to the High Street.... If it´s not got red and white stripes, it´s not cool.

When to wear your Wally Costumes:

Students at Warwick University attempted to beat the World Record for the most amount of people simultaneously dressed as Wally! Great idea!

The previous Wally Record stood at 1052 Wallys...

Festival Fancy Dress:

Stand out from the crowd in your Where´s wally Fancy Dress!! Lost your mates?! Just look for the instantly recosgnisable red and white stripes!

Ah yes, there she is.

We recently blogged about Bestival Festival and their great fancy dress themes... This picture from last years Bestival Festival shows just how seriously fancy dress is taken at the event! > Now... Where´s Wally?! ,

Our Wally Striped Tshirts will look good all day, every day! You can get the look for less with our fab red and white striped Wally Tshirt and Vests!

We love to see how our Fancy Dress looks when its out and about, so feel free to tag us in your pictures on Facebook! - Girlynightout

Get your stripes on Girls!! xx

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