We're Helping Australia!

Australia is on fire and we want to help.

Australia is burning at an alarming rate and the Aussies & the animals are in desperate need of any help they can get!

Here's what we know and why we want to help:

The fire risk slowly began to rise as Aus grew closer to its summer and dry season, which they infamously also call "fire season". Starting in New South Wales in September, the fires have grown uncontrollably in the past few months due to soaring temperatures of 35 degrees + and a long drought season. In the next few weeks, temps are expected to get to 40-45 degrees which will aid the spread of the fire as all of the ground and trees are bone dry. 

“Last year the nation experienced its warmest summer on record. Official figures also show 2018 and 2017 were Australia's third and fourth-hottest years on record.” BBC News.

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Here are some statistics to understand the sheer size of this issue:

The fires have been burning since September.

The damage caused is said to be measured as the size of South London all the way as north as the Lake District.

Climate Change is said to be directly linked to the intensity of the fires. Australia typically experiences a fire season but the soaring temperatures and the drought they have experienced down under has made a catastrophic impact on the intensity of the flames.

One MILLION hectares of land have been burned in New South Wales this year since the fires began.

Close to 2000 homes have been destroyed so far in the flames and approximately 30 people have lost their lives...

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Australia feels a world away for us here in the UK but it doesn’t matter where you are, there ARE things you can do that can directly help Australia in this environmental crisis.

We’re not one for presenting just doom and gloom to you guys, our brand is all about positivity but we want to use this space and our platform to help people realise the sheer scale of the emergency!

You can donate directly via charities like the Red Cross but we DESPERATELY want to do our bit to help Australia and we hope you can join us in our efforts to do what we can! In true Rock on Ruby style, we have collaborated with our fav illustrator Dom & Ink to create a wearable, stylish yet incredibly helpful selection of garms to help raise money and beat the flames.

Save Australia, Australia Day, Australia Fires, Charity donation, Charity

Save Australia, Australia Day, Australia Fires, Charity donation, Charity

Rock on Ruby X Dom & Ink https://­rockonruby.­co.­uk/­protect-the-planet-charity-sweatshirt.­html

Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery https://­www.­redcross.­org.­au/­campaigns/­disaster-relief-and-recovery-donate

With AUS DAY on the horizon, we want to help everyone suffering down under.

Love, Emma @ ROR xx

Pic Credit: Our @RockOnHolly from a recent trip to Aus and @Dom&Ink

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