We're Proud AF - The New Pride Collection!

We're a very proud LGBTQ inclusive brand. We don't need labels, we don't care who you love - love ALWAYS wins - YAS! Manchester Pride is one of our fave times of year; there is nowhere on Earth as amazing as our city celebrating love (biased we know!). Body glitter, rainbows, most likely some PVC and  most of all, some incredible people celebrating differences, uniqueness and ultimately togetherness! We wanted to make 2018 our sassiest year yet, so we got together with our fabulous illustrator, Mr Dom & Ink to add some next level SASS to Pride festivals around the world!

We obvs had to keep last year's best selling 'Proud AF' rainbow top, but we've also got some new sassy slogans to take your Pride look to new heights! We like honest, in your face designs, that make people smile, think and want to spread positive vibes! So check out a few of our fave pieces and get ready to shine this Pride season!

Proud AF T-Shirt - YAS. We're proud and we want everyone to know. Go big or go home! We've magnified our best selling slogan so it's bigger and better than ever before!

Yas Men Sweater -  Drop it down and give it some serious SASS vibes in our yas men homage slogan sweater! Perfect for getting in the partay mood!

Too fabulous T-Shirt - Probs our most straight talking slogan this season, but our most important! We're way too sassy for your internalised homophobia babe - soz hun.

Shop the new Pride 2018 collection here!

Pride Dates 2018

25th May - Birmingham and Oxford

9th June - York

16th  June - Stoke On Trent

6th July - Bristol

7th July - London

21st July - Hull

27th July - Euro Pride and Belfast

28th July - Liverpool

4th August - Brighton

18th August - Doncaster and Warwickshire

24 August - Manchester

Photographer @tbuck9

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