What a load of Wallys!!

Our Favourite Fancy Dress at the moment? Wally Girls!

Wally Girl Costumes

Everyone knows that Fancy Dress is fun, hilarious and can look a bit silly... But here at Girly Night Out, we know that you can still look seriously sexy even in some of the silliest Costumes! That´s why we´re loving our Wally Fancy Dress!

Great for Hen Parties, Student Nights and Girly Nights Out - you won´t get lost in the crowd in this fun Fancy Dress! 

Who would have thought that the geeky, wandering Wally could be such a sought after look? Well, with some striped over the knee stockings, geeky Wally Girl Glasses and a fab printed vest top, you´ll definitely have the geek chic trend sorted!

When to Wear your Wally Fancy Dress:

- Need a Fancy Dress Costume beginning with ´W´? Sorted! - Couples Fancy Dress: Wally Girly and Wally Man - Sports Teams Fancy Dress: AU Nights, Varsity Games, Show your rivals who the Wallys really are! - Lads Holidays: Face it, you´re going to end up looking like a Wally by the end of the holiday anyway... - Hen Nights / Stag Nights: Think your Hen or Stag is a bit of a Wally for wanting to get married?! - Festival Fancy Dress: You won´t lose your pals whilst bouncing around to the Arctic Monkeys with this Fancy Dress on!

- Charity Events: Why not try and beat the Wally World Record by getting the most Wallys together EVER!!? (You could even be super lovely and donate to a good cause!)

Have fun Wallys!

Love The Girls xx

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