What Happens Inside Girly Night Out HQ...

What happens inside Girly Night Out HQ?!

You choose your products, add to basket, fill in your details and then... somehow... it magically appears to your door!

But what happens in the meanwhile?! Well, our lovely team are busy, busy getting your items together and adding the finishing touches!

1. Your items are picked from our storage area...

Girly Night Out - Hen Party Accessories

2. Your items are packed and hand checked

3. Your invoice is included so that you have a record of what you have ordered...

Inside Girly Night Out HQ

4. Along with a free lolly as a little treat! (Vimto - our favourite!)

5. Your order is sent with love, care and your chosen delivery service!

6. Your parcel arrives in a pretty pink mail bag...

Inside Girly Night Out HQ

7. You love it and you have a fabulously wonderful girlynightout!

8. You Tweet us your pictures to @GirlyNightOut :-)

The End....

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