What to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

Autumn was made for cosy nights in with a good film. Plus, with this Halloween sure to be a quieter one, it's likely to be the plan for more people than usual on the 31st. So, I thought I'd pull together some of the best Halloween-y things to watch that are available on Netflix in the UK at the moment, because we all know the struggle of finding deciding what to watch!

what to watch on netflix for halloween 2020

I feel like I should put a disclaimer that I don't really like genuinely scary films so you won't find many on here...

The Addams Family (+ The Addams family Values of course)

A classic! The Addams Family is always a good watch and I personally think the second one is just as good.

The Corpse Bride

It wouldn't be Halloween without a Tim Burton film. The skeleton bar scene alone is enough of a reason to watch this film.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

I'm currently half way through so no spoilers! But for someone that doesn't enjoy scary things that much, I am still really enjoying it. I will not watch it alone though.

American Horror Story

There's so many series to choose from, each with a completely different story, that you're sure to find one you'll like. They do get kind of gory at time though. Perfect for all the Halloween vibes.

halloween films on netflix uk 2020

Stranger Things

Who doesn't enjoy Stranger Things?! Plus, filming for the next season has apparently started so you might as well re watch it so you can have a full recap in time for the new episodes.

A Quiet Place

Pre warning: it's pretty hard to eat snacks to this film because it is so quiet you will be scared to make any noise. The majority of the film is almost completely silent which is what makes it so tense.

Night Crawler

Not so much a scary or Halloween-y film but Jake Gyllenhaal will definitely give you the creeps in this.


I haven't actually watched this one because the trailer was enough for me, but if you like scary films (unlike me) my boyfriend has tried to convince me to watch this multiple times because he says it's really good.

films to watch for halloween on netflix uk 2020

Which one are you going to watch??

Bethan ROR 


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